How To Change Name on Qantas Flight Ticket?

How To Change Name on Qantas Flight Ticket?

Passengers sometimes mention their names wrong when buying flight tickets, which can create unnecessary issues when boarding the plane. Therefore, to make everything effortless and straightforward, they need to modify their details and ensure their name is mentioned correctly. Likewise, if you chose Qantas Airlines and are facing similar issues, you need to fix it. 

For which, you need to know all points before proceeding. This means if you want to alter your name, you have to be comprehensible regarding the Qantas name change policy. Therefore, we have classified all the crucial details in this guide. So, go through it attentively. 

What is Qantas Name Change on Ticket Policy?

Qantas name change policy permits you to make every minor update/correction to the registration of your name without paying any charges. However, you need to be sure that these corrections must be actual mistakes and do not include any full name modifications. The name alteration could be more straightforward if you know all the policies and rules. 

Therefore, for your convenience, we have enumerated the name change on Qantas Airlines policy below. Hence, read it carefully.  

  • In case you can make the reservations directly from Qantas Airlines or the form ticket counter and want to update the name within 24 hours of the reservation, then you can alter it without paying any fares.
  • You can change up to three letters of your surname; however, you have to present the suitable and required documents with that original name. 
  • Furthermore, after the 24-hour free alteration window, you need to pay the price to modify the incorrect name. Additionally, the fee will be based entirely on the time remaining in the flight departure and the date of doing modifications. 
  • As per the Qantas name change on ticket policy, if you want to update your name because of marriage or divorce, you have to provide all the mandatory documents and make changes for free. 
  • In case you have partially used the ticket, you cannot alter your name on the ticket. Therefore, it is mandatory that your ticket must be unused. 

What are the Mediums to Make Name Change on Qantas?

Are you looking for the process to alter the wrong name on the ticket? There are multiple options to do so. Moreover, you can use the Manage booking option, airport option, or customer service number. However, online and offline mediums are considered the prominent ones. Therefore, you can use the provided methods appropriately and make Qantas name change on ticket– 

Use the Online Options 

Online medium is the simplest way to name modification on the flight ticket. Here are the accurate steps you must use while using the manage booking option:

  • Foremost, head to the official Qantas web page.
  • Press on the Manage Booking button.
  • Afterward, enter the required information and hit the Log-In option.
  • Go to the change option and choose the name option. 
  • Select the booking from the list you want to change.
  • Then, make the name change and head to the Continue button.
  • Enter the other information or re-examine it and hit the Submit button.
  • Once done, make the payment and quickly receive the details, including the representative, in your mail. 

Opt for the Offline Option

Suppose you are not comfortable using an online method, head to the offline option and go through the following steps:

  • Foremost, dial 022 6111 1818. Or, in case of any issue, dial the consolidation desk number +1-800-865-1848 (24*7 responsive).
  • Further, listen to all the voice prompts carefully.
  • Get connected with the airline executive.
  • Now, ask the executive to change or correct your name. 
  • They will ask you some questions.
  • Afterwards, please spell your name appropriately.
  • The executive will modify your name and offer you confirmation instantly on your official email or number. 

What is the Qantas Name Change Fee?

The airline has an affordable fee policy for passengers who need to change their names on their tickets. Moreover, the fee differs depending on various aspects, including- fare type, where you are going, and the time you make a request. Additionally, the Qantas name change fee begins at approx. From $60 for each ticket. If you want to obtain more details about the name update fee, use the Qantas name change contact number and get impeccable and accurate information. 

How to Get Help from Qantas Airlines?

Knowing the Qantas name change policy would help you make name changes precisely. In addition, you also know the terms and conditions, procedures, and fees for a hassle-free experience. However, in case of any trouble, head to the customer service number 022 6111 1818 or visit its official website. In case they are unreachable at the moment, dial  +1-800-865-1848 to obtain assistance from the travel experts and complete the Qantas name changeon ticket procedure.


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